Terms and conditions

Created: March 6, 2019

Welcome to Forever Eternity, LLC. We appreciate you for giving us the opportunity to Digitally Immortalize your Loved One, or even yourself. Please take your time to review our policies and practices on providing you with the utmost user experience. This page may be referenced regarding questions that you may have concerning with the Terms of Use of our website. These Terms and Conditions are applicable to any and all Individuals that may enter the website:

These Terms are always subject to change and may be amended at any given time.


When you initiate and pay for services with Forever Eternity LLC, that start date will be considered as the Start of Service Date Agreement. This Agreement shall preside over the sale, use and delivery of Forever Eternity services. This Agreement is between Forever Eternity, LLC and you ( the purchaser of services). Some states may have laws that may also dictate the services that we may or may not be able to provide to you or your Loved One. Those such laws will be incorporated in their entirety by this reference into the Agreement as if set fourth in the Agreement.


Upon Registration, A Governing Person(s) will be selected to be the administrate of the Profile Page. The Governing Person(s) duties are to monitor and regulate the Profile Page of their Friend or Loved One. The Governing Person is the only entity that Forever Eternity customer service will dialog with should any discrepancies arise. The Governing Person has the authority to make the final decisive call regarding a discrepancy. The Governing Person may also delete any Photos, Videos or Text that may be deemed inappropriate or my diminish the dignity of their Loved One.

As the Governing Person, your service is also subject to, and you shall agree to adhere to our business policies, practices and procedures, which may change from time to time. Repeated failure to adhere to Forever Eternity's policies, practices or procedures could possibly lead to a temporary suspension your Loved Ones' Profile Page.

Visitor (End User)

We @Forever Eternity welcome all to come and enjoy the use of our website. As you may know, this is a memorial website for family and friends to utilize to cherish fond memories and continue the legacy of their Loved One for Generations to Come. It is an honor to be a part of this website. We ask that you to please refrain from uploading any photos or videos that may be deemed inappropriate. We also ask that you may limit your text to reciting pleasurable moments. Please support the beloved persons Profile Page by treating it with the dignity and respect that the family is entitled to.

Corrective Actions

In the event of continued inappropriate or unwanted behaviors by either the end users and/or the Governing Person(s), the customer service department will temporarily suspend the Profile Page of interest. This is an attempt to let all parties involved seek some form of common ground. Should this continue to be a repeated pattern that it would seem apparent that there will be no resolution:

We will regretfully have to PERMANETLY DEACTIVATE your Loved One's Profile Page.

A permanent deactivation voids all Agreements with Forever Eternity, LLC and voids any types or amounts of a refund.



By utilizing the Forever Eternity website: https://scanforevereternity.com1) you waive your rights for a jury trial in disputes with Forever Eternity. 2) any disputes with Forever Eternity will be decided via arbitration 3) you waive you right to institute or participate in class action litigation against Forever Eternity, LLC 4) you will provide Forever Eternity, LLC accurate information about yourself (Governing Person) and the registrant. 5) Forever Eternity's customer service representative's may contact the Governing Person from time to time to enable the delivery of services offered for this agreement. 6) The website: and It's presiding company: Forever Eternity, LLC do not collect or save any information on the people who may choose to reflect and enjoy the past moments of their Loved Ones. WE ABSOLUTELY DO NOT ALLOW ACCESS TO ANY GOVERNMENT ENTITIES, COLLECTION AGENCIES, INVESTIGATIVE AGENCIES OR PERSONS SEEKING TO COMMERCIALLY OR MONITARILY GAIN BY SOLICITING INDIVIDUALS THAT CHOOSE TO UTILIZE OUR SITE. 7) THE DEFINITION AND THE CONCEPT OF “DIGITAL HIEROGLYPHICS” IS DOCUMENTED AND CONSTITUTED AS INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY OF FOREVER ETERNITY. - THE QR CODE GENERATED VIA THE URL OF THE PERSON PROFILE PAGE IS DOCUMENTED AND CONSTITUTED AS INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY OF FOREVER ETERNITY – THE CONCEPT AND DEFINITION OF “PLACE OF REST BEAUTIFICATION” IS DOCUMENTED AND CONSTITUTED AS INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY OF FOREVER ETERNITY. Any attempt to duplicate or reproduce any of the definitions and concepts written above is an infringement of Intellectual Property of Forever Eternity, LLC and such violations are punishable by law. Forever Eternity, LLC will seek prosecution in that jurisdiction to the fullest extent . 7) Seven White Balloons, LLC is a separate, Not for Profit company. The process and policy of The Celebratory Launch is under just jurisdiction and is not to be considered as Forever Eternity.



Forever Eternity, LLC is composed of a unique group of people with one common goal: To bring joy back to mankind. Our belief is that by Digital Immortalizing an Individual, it will promote the pride and unity that it takes to strengthen a community. Our Product is the generated QR code that will Digital Immortalize an Individual. Additionally our perfected GPS longitude and latitude burial site locations will tremendously enable family members and friends to remain connected with their Loved One by utilizing today;s technology to easily locate the burial site, or just view it via satellite imagery.


The One (1) Time price to Digitally Immortalize 1 Person (Burial/Mortuary) $149.00 USD [A]

This includes:

- One (1) Profile Page with a Digitally Generated QR Code.

- One (1) Metal, Laser Printed QR Code Representing the URL Address of The Person's

Profile Page.

- The Right to Have the QR Code placed on Grave Marker via Celebratory Launch.*

- The Right to Have the Place of Rest Coordinated via GPS Longitude and Latitude.

- The Right to be Inclusive in Forever Eternity's Place of Rest Beautification Program.

* The Celebratory Launch ritual's are conducted during optimum weather conditions.

The Celebratory Launch ritual WILL NOT be conducted under conditions that may compromise

the health and safety of the Launch Crew.


The One (1) Time price to Digitally Immortalize 1 Person (Not Burial/Mortuary) $99.00 USD [B]


This includes:

- One (1) Profile Page with a Digitally Generated QR Code.

- One (1) Metal, Laser Printed QR Code Representing the URL Address of The Person's

Profile Page.

- The Right to Have the Metal, Laser Printed QR Code delivered to a designated address.

- The Right to be Inclusive in Forever Eternity's Place of Rest Beautification Program.


Refund Policy

Forever Eternity's refund policy is pretty simple. If for any reason, the Governing Person(s) have decided that the Forever Eternity website is not in the best interest of the family, we will gladly refund your payment less the administrative fees accrued. This refund period will be available for 45 days from the Start of Service Date Agreement. After 45 days, you will no be longer eligible for any type of refund. The Profile Page of interest will be officially deactivated. The contact information of the Governing Person(s) will be permanently removed from Forever Eternity's database.