At the request of the Governing Person, Forever Eternity, LLC will mail, Free of Charge, two (2) Laser Printed QR Codes representing the URL address of your Loved One. Our method of delivery is via the United States Postal Service. The Governing Person may submit their request by simply contacting our Customer Service department. Please remember that the URL address is constituted as Intellectual Property of Forever Eternity, LLC.

Duplication of a QR Code for the purposes of Merchandising, Profiteering, or any attempt to Commercialize off such Intellectual Property is absolutely prohibited. This shall be considered as a violation of the Start of Service Date Agreement between Forever Eternity, LLC and the Governing Person(s). The consequences could possibly result in the deactivation of your Love One's Profile Page and/or Legal ramifications.

If the mailed QR Codes are returned to Forever Eternity, as a courtesy, we will contact the Governing Person informing them of such return.


Customer Service:

Phone: 702.FOREVER (367.3837)