About us

We are a unique group of Individuals that have come together to promote our belief that: knowledge, caring and the love and respect for one another is how our planet was meant to be.

Mission Statement

To Promote a Universal Website in an Incomprehensible World.


Mankind is becoming astronomically divisive. There are several variables that may contribute to the current state of our society however, our belief is that the lack of cultural history could be a major confounding factor.

When individuals know their Cultural History, they tend to promote Traditions. The continued progressions of a tradition will rest assure a much rigid Foundation. This is a necessity when it comes to strengthening Family values. For a collection of families with Godly morals can lead to an improvement of broken Communities. When communities are better structured, there becomes an increased sense of Pride. Like-minded people tend to develop an established form of Unity.

This newly introduced method is designed to inform, educate and enlighten people from all different walks of life. We truly believe that by digitally immortalizing individuals, we will be able to achieve the unity that our Higher Power has always intended Mankind to do.